Jason Bailey

Web design / Programmer

I decided to take a dreamweaver class while in my first year of college because I wanted to have at least one class that sounded like fun. After the class I continued to learn more about web design, and kept practicing at home with a number of sites that were never published, which is probably a good thing. The first "real" website that I ever published was for a law firm that I was working for. I created the design and built the site after hours and off the clock, but at that point it did not matter.

Although time has passed and I have got a little better at both my design and programming skills since then, I still enjoy working on a new website just as much as I did with my very first one. I would not consider myself a professional graphic designer in any sense, but I still enjoy trying. Each website I do seems to get a little better. I am, however, more confident in my programming skills. I currently program a lot in PHP, and MySQL. Although I use Dreamweaver during the development of website's, most of the code used is hand coded to fit each website's unique design. I also work a lot with designing and creating databases that adhere to Normalization Standards, making them easy to maintain and expand.

The last couple years I have spent working with a web design company based in Wichita, Ks. as a programmer. I have worked on large corporate website's to small startup businesses. I have had experience creating website's using expression engine, word press, code-ignitor, and a few other CMS tools. The majority of the work that I perform is custom built CMS's. While tables have a place in website's, I program website's based on current industry standards in html and CSS. I also work with javascript, jQuery and other various scripts as needed.

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